Let’s Talk About Items Victims Might Need

In case you want to make a donation to a Domestic Violence Shelter this October! Practical list from a DV survivor!


This week I heard someone comment “I don’t think anyone living in a domestic violence shelter will be caring about what they have to wear” and I thought:  It must be time to bring out my list of ideas!

Violence victims DO care about personal items in the shelter. I know from experience that it is humiliating to wear something too big or small, not our style, or just plain ugly. We want to have access to our own wardrobe. We miss our brand and color of makeup, our favorite shampoo, and our own fuzzy slippers.

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Clothes are one of the ways humans claim who they are in the world. Think about your own wardrobe. Do you wear things that reveal your taste in music, movies, and style? Would you want to wear another person’s style in your worst moments? Probably not.

Just because someone is in a crises situation…

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