So while we’re on the issue of “religious freedom”…

Dating Jesus

87c97bb06ad237766fd0d6f2634aef1b(Which of late has been a legal notion best interepreted as “screw you, my religion is better than yours“):

(With a side order of “My religion tells me to hate you.”)

(To which the only response is: “Baby Jesus is crying, yahoos.”)

The Republican-controlled Indiana House of Representatives has passed a bill that would, as this link says, “provide cover” for LGBTQ discrimination. The Senate already approved a similar law, so this version is expected to go to Gov. Mike Pence, who has said he intends to sign it — to which the NBA’s first openly gay player, Jason Collins asked, via Twitter:

JasonCollins_tweetIsn’t that the bigger issue? Not: “Will I be forced to bake a wedding cake that will be eaten by gays and lesbians,” but “Will I ultimately be treated as a less-than under the guise of religion?”

Way to go, Mr. Collins. It’s always…

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