In which Jesus is crucified

I’ll get back to posting my own writing one day. For now, here’s another good one!

Dating Jesus

sal_pinna_with_social_security_cardYesterday, listeners to WNPR’s “Where We Live” heard Sara Salomons, Journey Home development consultant and a great friend of mine, talk about recent efforts in Connecticut to end chronic homelessness. They also heard about Sal Pinna, a man I met in a class I taught some  years back. He’s been homeless for 20 years, since he moved to Connecticut from his native Long Island.

Sal’s a good guy who is living with diabetes and developmental issues and a raft of other challenges that, added up, make getting through a regular, boring day a struggle, never mind a day spent homeless. Sal’s also facing a raft of forms he must fill out before he gets on a housing list, and Sal’s not the kind of person to whom you can hand a form and say “Go take care of this.” Sal needs guidance. He needs a caseworker — and not…

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Maybe the bravest thing you’ll read all day: A guest blog from Lois Kulas

I, too, am a survivor!

Dating Jesus

Marilyn-Van-DerburFifty-seven years have passed since Marilyn Van Derbur was crowned Miss America. Approximately fifty million viewers tuned into the pageant in 1958. She instantly became known across the U.S. Girls and women wanted to be like her. Men wanted to date her. It was a different world for women, and appearances were more important than truth.

Or, so it seemed. Never did she imagine that her truth could be set free.

It wasn’t until she reached her 53rd birthday that she was finally able to say out loud in public, “I am an incest survivor.” Some people doubted her story. At that time, Marilyn confirmed what so many sexual abuse victims felt when she said, “If people are not going to believe 53 year old me, who would believe a child.” When her sister said her prominent father had sexually abused her, too, her story was more widely embraced…

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