The shame of the Duggars

I had a snake in my home also.

Dating Jesus

header2The recent news of the sexual predator-nature of Josh Duggar (of the “Ten Hundred Duggars and Counting” TLC show, and here‘s his slick-as-shit website) is gross.

Though they refuse the label, the Duggars are standard bearers for the Quiverfull movement (no birth control, ever, and women are to keep silent and pregnant, in the home). What TLC presented as an interesting and quirky family is actually a throw-back to the bad old days of orthodox (or fundamentalist) Christianity. So  yuck it up, television viewers. Every time you marveled at Mrs. Duggar’s clown-car of a uterus, you were contributing to a dangerous and damaging theology.

And now it appears the family had a snake in their midst in the form of the older son, Josh. And they parked their wagons in a ring because — or so I assume — their TLC show is a cash cow.


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